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Image by Cristofer Maximilian


Since being founded in Cirebon, Indonesia, in 2005 the success of Avisindo has been forged around a team who not only share my belief that 'Quality is paramount' but also my commitment to being an ethically based, and environmentally conscious, company.


The commencing point for all of this starts from helping to support and maintain the tradition of artisan rattan workers, working from their local community bases. By paying them a proper living wage for the work they do as part of the team at Avisindo, and by prohibiting the use of any form of child labour, or exploitation, in the Avisindo production processes, this centuries old tradition is being preserved. Our commitment then extends to using selected materials from sustainable sources to produce natural rattan furniture of which we, as a team, can all be proud.

These beliefs have led to Avisindo being officially recognised as one of the Top 100 Manufacturers of Rattan Furniture in Indonesia, as well as being part of the Indonesia Departments of Trade and Industry 'Best of Natural Rattan Pavilion' at overseas exhibitions.  Our pre-occupation with quality naturally extends to our metal and synthetic, outdoor furniture models and collections, all produced with the same attention to detail that sets Avisindo apart from many other producers.

Models in ‘Avisindo - The Designer Collection’ offer finishes varying from totally natural, showing off the subtle variations in shade of the natural product, to various stained, or painted, colours to the customer’s requirements.  If a durable outdoor product is required in less temperate climates then the use of Outdoor models, using synthetic rattan or rope on metal frames, from 'Avisindo - The Designer Collection' are ideal solutions offered by Avisindo.


Throughout all of this Avisindo’s Customer Service has been built on the foundations of personal service and flexibility, by responding speedily to Customer’s individual needs, including the offering of mixed Container loads.

Ten Steps

"Quality is paramount" throughout our production process and we achieve this, when producing models for 'Avisindo - The Designer Collection' through our ten step programme


Careful selection of sustainable raw materials, wherever possible


Building a strong frame


Consistent quality in

the weaving 


Sanding of constructed product 


Pre colouring inspection 


Colouring & staining procedures


Finishing process


Final inspection 


Packing controls


Maximising cost

effective loading

and shipment to another

satisfied customer

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