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Any items shown in finishes other than standard Synthetic materials , or with other than White or Black cushions as appropriate for indoor or outdoor usage, are for illustrative purposes only

Additional Information :

Spetses Bistro Outdoor Bar Stools may be ordered as mixed models with quantities as per customer requirements..These items are part of  "The Designer Collection by Avisindo" range of  Hand Made Designer Furniture In Synthetic Rattan. Made from Powder Coated Aluminium and Synthetic weave in Customers choice of colours and weave design..

Spetses Bistro Outdoor Bar Stools - Code : 28080 - 28081

Spetses Bistro Outdoor Bar Stool Medium - Code : 28080

Spetses Bistro Outdoor Bar Stool High - Code : 28081

Spetses Bistro Outdoor

Spetses Bistro Outdoor
Specification Individual Detail
Spetses Bistro Outdoor Bar Stool Medium
Spetses Bistro Outdoor Bar Stool High
Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)

We hope that you will find the new layout of "The Designer Collection by Avisindo" even more user friendly. All Living Sets and Occasional Furniture are now included in the Mix or Match Furniture category and we have included, by popular demand, a new category of Kubu Mix or Match featuring Natural Kubu Rattan modular items for indoor and outdoor use. Should you not be able to find exactly what you are looking for then don't despair, as our Design team will be happy to discuss creating items exclusively for your market, produced to the same high standards and competitive prices of all Avisindo products.

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