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Avisindo CV, furniture manufacturer & exporter, has been designing and exporting hand made natural rattan and synthetic rattan furniture from its base in Cirebon, Indonesia to a discerning clientele worldwide since 2005.

Avisindo has been built around a team who not only share my belief that "Quality is paramount" but also my commitment to being an ethically based and environmentally conscious company. Using selected materials from sustainable sources and holding an SVLK certification (V_LEGAL) in respect of all wood related products is part of this commitment, as is helping support the local community by paying a proper living wage to all our locally based workers, and prohibiting the use of any form of child labour, or exploitation, in the production process.

Commitment to Quality

Our belief in working together as a team not only enables us to produce natural, and synthetic, rattan furniture to a quality and standard of which we can all be justifiably proud but also acts as the foundationstone in the provision of our ongoing, personalised, customer service. These long held beliefs and commitments have contributed to Avisindo being recognised as one of the Top 100 Manufacturers of quality furniture in Indonesia.

All models in "The Designer Collection by Avisindo" are offered with finishes varying from totally natural, which shows off the subtle variations in shades of the natural product, to various stained or painted colours according to customer’s requirements. Where durable outdoor products are required then the use of synthetic rattan models from "The Designer Collection by Avisindo" are ideal solutions offered by Avisindo.


Evy Dwi Hestiaty  
CEO & Founder                    

Avisindo CV



Our Terms of Payment are based on 50% of the Pro forma invoice total being payable upon the issuing of a Confirmation of Order and Pro-Forma Invoice by the Company. The outstanding balance, as shown on the Pre "Final Commercial Invoice" Advice Note, is payable within seven days against a faxed or emailed Final Commercial Invoice plus a copy of the Bill of Lading and any associated shipping documentation . All payments must be made by Bank Transfer (T/T) and payment is considered to have been made when confirmation of receipt of payment is made by the nominated Avisindo bank. Payment by Letter of Credit is subject to acceptance of all terms by Avisindo.

If you weren't able to attend IFEX 22, nor can find exactly what you are looking for on our website, then don't despair. As we are currently re-building our web site a lot of items are not yet on display so, the simple solution is to fill in the Contact Us form and we will send you full details of everything that is available. If you have ideas for your own items that you would like produced then our Design team will be happy to discuss creating those items, exclusively for your market, produced to the same high standards and competitive prices that are the hallmark of all products from 'The Designer Collection by Avisindo'. Hope to see you at IFEX in 2023, 9 - 12 March

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